a statement of intent....

a statement of intent....

Papillon Contact Radiotherapy.

By delivering high doses of treatment quickly and painlessly directly to the tumour, Papillon gives bowel, skin & other accessible tumour cancer patients a real choice. 40,000 people a year get bowel cancer, nearly 9000 have surgery. If eligible, Papillon avoids the high operative mortality (10-20%) and morbidity (30-50%) especially in the elderly which radical surgery can pose. Papillon is also used in the treatment of some skin cancers & inter-operative breast cancer.



Papillon Music came about directly as a result of Kelvyn’s partner Theresa's illness and subsequent treatment;

it was also partly inspired by Mark Davies' "Saving My Arse (Bowel Cancer: A Survivor’s Story)" and partly at the behest of Prof. Sun Myint, Head of the Papillon project at Clatterbridge Cancer Clinic who asked us to compose an inspirational piece of music for Papillon.

We acknowledge the role of Macmillan Cancer Support whose 'presence' was immense through some extremely difficult days.

has produced a collection of songs [to a DEMO standard] pertaining to the theme “an expression of hope” that has evolved from the original idea and has become a whole album’s worth of material.
intends to take the seeds of these original ideas and develop them, with the collaboration of fellow musicians in order to take the message and sentiment into the public domain.